Family Ambermarle

List of Party Treasure/Favors

Total: tbd

6.5 pots Grease Paint
5x 1/2 lb Raw Bars of Adamantine – 1000gp/lb
1x Ancient Suel Alchemy Lab – 1000gp
100x Bag of gems – 50gp each (400gp total)
12x Fruits (30 day shelf life)
4x Skyburst Signal Rockets (disadvantage on attacks, 4d8 damage)
1x Size Large Alchemist Kit + Alchemist Fire Ingredients

1,783.6 gp in mixed coinage (1,738.1)

2x 3rd Level Warriors (saved their lives from Orcs)
Alder the Wight who trades information for rats
Alchemist owes us for some loot.(Beholder Eyes and Alchemist’s Labs and Books)
Elias – Bridgetown Sage – Knows Suel, borrowing Suel notebook
Gomdal – Goblin Mayor of Gobolis
Rick – Councilman of Gobolis
Airx – Kobold Persian General we tricked/bribed into leaving; theoretically friendly now.

Survival Items:
2x Mules (Bethany and Other Bethany)
1x Cart
2x Weeks, 3x days Food/Water for Party
3x Hunter’s Traps
Ton of Hemp Rope
Pile of stuff – Search check to see if we can find what we need
1000ft of String
90 pieces of Chalk
misc small tools
1x Poisoned Dart (2d10, DC 15 Fort negates, Fungal based)
Various Poisons from the underbridge poison lab
4x doses – 3d6 poison (DC 14 Con)
5x Phase Spider Poisons
Artificing Lab
1x mild gem cutting tools
Fancy Furniture – In Storage for later lair
Full Construct Manufacturing Lab
6.5 pots Grease Paint
4x 2d6 Acid Pots
Caller in the Dark Ritual Tools

1x Magic Spoon
10lbs Powdered Glowing Stone
10lbs Normal Glowing Stones
15x Creepy Cthulhu-esqu Statue (a “Servitor” as Alder calls it)
1x Rope of Climbing – 60ft, 3000lbs carrying capacity
1x Oil of Slipperiness
8x vials of dust of sneezing and choking -40,000
1x Sphere of Sending – speak with twin somewhere
1x Ring of Resist Poison – resistance vs. poison – Sell to Boss
1x Ambermarle Key Sphere – Silver
3x Doses of Keothtom’s Ointment – 2d8+2 heal, cures poison/disease
1x Sarcophagus of its Actual Use
1x Candle-box of Endless Candles
2x continual flame candles
1x Decanter of Endless Air
1x Wand of Secrets – 3 charges, Detects Secret Doors/Traps – 1d3 at dawn
1x magic desk that turns stuff into wood
1x Elixir of Health – Cured all status conditions
1x Bag of Tricks
1x Ring of Spell Storing (5 spell levels) – Currently contains Cone of Cold – With Mali
1x 6in diameter magic ring – key to secret door in exploded tower burned room
1x Wand of Magic Missile with 7 Charges max (recharge 1d6+1/day)
Magic crown (Detect Thoughts as spell, 3 charges, no burnout)
Magic box – Key to a secret chest
Statuette – 1/week, remove any status condition.
2x Boxes of Preservation – one contains a blood-soaked Cloth connected to grandpa
1x Wand of Burning Hands (7 charges, DC 15, 1d6+1 charges/day; 1 charge = 3d6, +1 charge per spell level)
6x Potions of Fire Breath
Potion of Invulnerability
x1 Potion of Water Breathing
1x Potion of Supreme Healing
1x Potion of Clairvoyance
Toadstool: Even roll, 50/50, last 30 days
– gain 5d6 temp HP for 1 hour
– DC 15 Con take 5d6 poison damage and poisoned 1 hr

Merchant Goods
1x Goblin Sample-Pack – With the Baron’s Secretary of Trade

Plot Item:
Scrolls and Books (Abyssal)
1x Dwarf “Statue” – 500lbs – Sleep, Enervation, Paralysis, Fear Eyes of Undead Beholder in payment
Crossed-Sword Pendant – knightly order symbol
2 books (in Abyssal)
1x two-pronged Dagger (ivory) (1d4+1, silver)
Documents and Maps (50 years old)
3x Ambermarle signet rings on goblins (goblins died significantly less than 50 years ago)
Alchemist’s Spellbook – Draconic
Spellbook – Elven
Gnomish Hipster Poetry Book
Invisible Key (Found in the fancy room behind the throne in the bridge)
Papers from desk in bridge – including letters
Library of books in various languages from under the bridge behind the throne – poison making stuff
1x Suel Notebook – on creation of fleshy constructs.
Artificing Books – Elvish, Suel, Abyssal
1x massive library of arcane spell research
1x notes on supplies to castle about 10 years ago
1x leather map (no longer alive)
1x library of notes
1x small library of magic
1x Library of books on undead
1x library of journals/notes
1x Cultes des Goules – Book on a Roman Ghoul Empire
1x list of named locations where constructs were delivered (no map)
1x Construct blueprints
Holy Symbol of Selket
1x set of roomba assembly & user guides
1x Diary (Destroyed Tower)
1x Suel Cookbock
1x 10,000 fold kitchen knife
1x Y-Religion Black Bible; Black sect (Callers in the Dark) focuses on Summoning/Binding
– Large section on how to become a Caller in the Dark
1x Ogre Magi Documentation

Diagrams of Constructs (including Roombas)

1x dead snake construct
1x “Robo-Crab” claw (bastard sword sized) – for story telling
1x Clockwork Abomination limb
5x dead Prismatic Scarabs



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