Family Ambermarle

My Lord Russel Sumners, Baron of Ambermarle

A Letter

My Lord,

We have been traveling for several weeks now. The lands of Baron Edwards were peaceful and the travel was quiet.

The band of Idle Mercenaries you hired has me worried and more than a little scared at this point. For the last few weeks I have listened into their banter and talk of past exploits and encounters with great interest. Now I am not sure what to think.

Let me explain, we just crossed over into your lands and immediately I can sense a change in the air. The guards at the last of Baron Edwards garrisons got me wondering what we would encounter. They talked of banditry and roving bands of undead abominations as if it was just another day down here. As soon as we entered the forest at the edge of your new domain I felt a change in the air. A tenseness has overcome us.

Then not even a full day into your lands we are beset upon by a group of 8 bandits. They have barricaded the road and are demanding us to pay to pass. The Mercenaries you hired jumped into the fray with an almost relief. The group did not last long, maybe a few minutes, in that time a saw trees burst into flames and dropped onto the bandits. The bandits were dealt with without quarter. They were buried along the road and the group just fell back into place and moved on as if nothing had even happened.

I will grant that they were effective and I have no concerns about their ability to do the job you requested, but I am not quite sure if any of them are quite sane.

Yours in Service
Brother Demsey



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