Family Ambermarle

Local Threats

Splittongue Gang
- Lizardfolk
- Stick to the border
- Unknown Politics
- Vanished into swamp

Bloodfist Ogres
- Western Hills
- Actual Ogres
- Keep to themselves mostly

Darek’s Dozen
- 3 dozen of them
- Why are they not “Darek’s DozenS”?
- Current Kings of the Castle
– Used to be a second group in the castle; recently defeated
– Likely took the “Rod of Balthius”

Amberflow River Gang
- Works on the river near the Castle
- Name not remembered

Bridge Mercenery Group
- Run the bridge town

Hill Bog Giants - Between Coaltown and Smithtown

-Most undead are Skeletons, occasional Zombears
-South of Gallow’s Hill in the swamps there’s an old manor that may or may not be haunted.
-Closer to the Swamp, More Undead

Nuclear Town:
-Golem-esq thing in basement
-Carrion Crawler (dead)
-Demons occasionally spawn

Local Wildlife:

– Leader is “Grandfather”
– Connected to “Y” Religion
– 1 is in the basement of Conway
– 1 lived in the explody tower (not Grandfather)
– at least 1 is a Lich; phylactery containing mercury and platinum



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