Family Ambermarle

Local Area Notes

-If the land “looks/feels” wrong/sick, avoid it. Move occasionally, but slowly. Burn the dead in these sick lands to prevent undead.

Gallow’s Hills:
-Town at the bottom center of the map
-Near an Iron Mine
-Trades to the south
-Their cup of smiths floweth over
-Site of supposedly haunted mansion

-Former Capital
-Long emptied
-North of Conway
-Undead for days

3 days down river from Conway
- Cave filled with Zombats

-Run by bandits
-Undead most likely
-Wedge-shaped town
-Town has no walls
-Narrow castle on a bend in the river
-moat and walls
-secret entrance?
-Entrance to castle is causeway near beginning of town
-Bandits apparently disinclined to talking with outsiders
- Lower portion least guarded
– 1 guard on each segment at all times
– no one on top of the big towers themselves
– 1 guard at the top of each of the smaller towers
– 2 guards out of the front gate to go to the barbican
– Stop checking the barbican from midnight to sun up
– not sure who is watching the water gate (could not see)
– non-uniformed equipment
– 45+ guards assuming 3 shifts
– Lighting: upper portion well lit, bonfire in lower but out by midnight
– guards don’t carry much light
– insides of towers are lit

Whisper Woods:
-Haunted because of course it is.
-Seasonal Silent Lightning Storms

-Popular stopping spot for tax collectors
-Center for religious reflection rather than kung-fu school

-Has ruins of a nuclear tower. – Glowing Limestone
-Limestone does not glow during day, underground
-Occasional demonic/devlish monsters come out
-Monsters generally confused and wander off into forest
-Occasional cultists come visit
- Lumbermill
- Shipping concern – moes goods up and down the road
- Tanner – mostly farm goods
- Blacksmith
- Mason

Bridge City:
-Massive 2-mile long, 200 foot wide bridge
-Buildings on bridge like Old London Bridge
-Multiple towers, multiple basements throughout spans
-Many basements barred off, dubious claims of “we’re just being cautious”
-City is in two parts coming from each bank of the river
-Fees to enter city (1 silver) but not to move around city once inside
-Has multi-level sewer dungeon
-Bridge built as a series of short arches throughout
-This bridge is seriously four times the size of the Brooklyn Bridge
-This bridge should not exist
Has 5 magic doors:
1) Silent Lake
2) Ruined Tower Between Vlarn Forest and Dark Mountains
3) Coal Town
4) Somewhere In Swamp
5) Ruins North-West of Whisper Wood (Probable)

River Town:
-Mostly fisherman and scavengers
-Not to be confused with Lake Town
-Not to be confused with River City

-Occasionally throughout area in communities

Non-Human Residence:
Former clan of Dwarves; Clan Skerbitr
— Found axe in bridge



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