Family Ambermarle

List of Spells in Spellbooks

To use as Scrolls:
On Spell List: Arcana 10+Spell Level
Not On Spell List: Arcana 10+ 2x Spell Level

1st Level:
- Absorb Elements (PotA)
- Shield
- Feather Fall
- Identify
- Ray Of Sickness
- Detect Magic
- Mage Armor
- Magic Missile

2nd Level:
- Gust Of Wind
- Detect Thoughts
- Levitate
- Aganazzar’s Scorcher (PotA)
- Mirror Image
- Melf’s Acid Arrow
- Misty Step

3rd Level:
- Gaseous Form
- Major Image
- Protection From Energy
- Remove Curse
- Counterspell
- Fly

4th Level:
- Wall of Fire
- Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound
- Stoneskin
- Leomund’s Secret Chest
- Control Water
- Greater Invisibility

5th Level:
- Teleportation Circle
- Telekinesis
- Legend Lore



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